Fruit Punch Herbal Incense 4G



Fruit Punch Herbal Incense 3g is Fantastically a fruity herbal incense with a crazy delicious aroma!

Fruit Punch herbal incense mixes high quality herbs and then takes their incense a step beyond by blending in micro amounts of all natural fruit juice that emits a fragrance so incredible it is guaranteed to make your next herbal aromatherapy session smell crazy delicious!

Lab certified: Does not contain AM-2201, JWHI8, JWH73, HU210, CP47, 497, HU-210, HU-211 and AM – 694,

Cannabicyclohezanol or any other prohibited ingredients. Nicotine & Tobacco free Disclaimer: This product is intended only to be used as an aromatic potpourri only. It is not designed or intended for human consumption. Both the manufacturers and retailers of this product take no responsibility for the incorrect use or misuse of this product.