California Kronic 24K (5g) Herbal Incense


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California Kronic 24K (5g) California Kronic herbal incense is a well-known, old school brand of aromatherapy Herbal incense. This blend really doesn’t even need an explanation because it has been a top seller since the beginning. It’s the perfect mix of aromatics and a blend that many companies have tried to copy in the past. This blend simply cannot be duplicated. It is simply divine and something that is truly one of a kind. We wish that we could explain this scent more to you but you seriously need to order some and try it out for yourselves. Perhaps euphoria is a good way to describe this stuff but we feel that no word will be good enough to encapsulate the fragrance given off by California Kronic herbal incense. Once you see the face of the person enjoying the scent from this blend you will totally understand what we mean.